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John is a highly sought after criminal defense attorney in Coeur d'Alene, Hayden, Post Falls, Rathdrum and other Kootenai county areas because of his long list of achievements and successful cases...Read More

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Criminal Defense Lawyer

Our lawyers are highly experienced in criminal defense and they continue to win favorable outcomes. Contact John Redal if you need a DUI attorney, drug charges attorney, or a criminal defense attorney who handles probation violations, theft, assault or other serious crimes...Learn more.

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Civil Law Attorney 

Civil law is the law determining private rights and liabilities, opposed to criminal law and other public law. The lawyers at Redal & Redal are well versed in civil law and are prepared to vigorously defend your civil rights...Learn more.

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John Redal

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I have successfully defended thousands of individuals in criminal cases and am always working toward a resolution that is in my client's best interest.

- John Redal criminal attorney coeur d'Alene

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The Coeur d'alene lawyers at Redal and Redal are professional and highly experienced. Attorney, John Redal is very familiar with the Kootenai County legal system and can help you understand your options. Schedule a free consultation today.