after being arrested

Know What to do After being Arrested or Charged

We know that the days following an arrest can be full of confusion, frustration and worry. So, here are five practical things you can do right now to help your case after being arrested or charged with a crime.

1.) Social Media:

Be aware that prosecutors can use information from your social media profiles against you in your case. Especially pictures or comments from the date of the incident. Be sure to make profiles private and be mindful of what could be uncovered on your Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts.

2.) Write it All Down:

Write down a detailed account of the incident as soon as possible. The sooner the better! Every detail of what happened is important. Include where the incident took place and exactly when it took place. Give a detailed account of your interaction with Law Enforcement including any tests (if applicable).

3.) Witnesses:

Find witnesses. Who did you see before, after or during the incident? Have friends, family or people who saw you give an account of when they saw you, your demeanor when they saw you and any details that could be pertinent to your case. Be sure to keep record of their current contact information.

4.) Silence is Your Right:

Mum's the word. Resist the urge to tell all your friends and family about the incident. You should be especially careful not to discuss the incident via written communication, such as text message, email or social media. Remember, what is said in confidence can be used against you. So use discretion when discussing the details of your case.

5.) Don’t Do it Alone:

Take advantage of an experienced criminal defense lawyer in your area. You are most likely facing large penalties, jail time and/or the backlash of a criminal record. Attorney, John Redal knows how to defend clients facing serious criminal charges. He works tirelessly to win favorable outcomes for clients in your situation. You can even get a free consultation by calling now 208-676-9999 or by filling out this “free consultation” form. The less you have to stress, the better.